Discover Outer Space in a Whole New Way

Space: A Brightpips Guide is a truly interactive ebook for iPad®, iPhone® and Mac®. Read, watch and play as you learn.

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Imagine walking around a space museum packed with interactive exhibits that you can touch, move, play with and learn from.

Now imagine that museum squeezed into your iPad, so you can visit whenever you like!

Space: A Brightpips Guide is available now on iBooks.

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Beautiful Illustrations

See what’s at the centre of the Sun. Get to know the planets of the solar system. See something interesting? Tap to learn more about it.

Engaging Interactive Widgets

Change the temperature on Mercury. Explore the phases of the Moon. Interactive widgets mean kids have fun while they learn.

Stunning Photos

See dust devils on Mars. Be awed by nebulae. Stunning close-up photos bring planets, stars, and spaceships to life.

Lively, Easy-to-Read Text

Learn amazing space facts. Understand how things work. Clear, engaging text helps kids learn easily.

Gripping Videos

Watch the historic Moon landings. Fly over the surface of Mars. All without leaving the pages of your ebook.

  • “Physical textbooks can be boring, but on the other hand full-fledged apps can be shallow and distracting. This ebook is the best of both worlds. Highly recommended for ages 8+.”

    Geeks With Juniors
  • “The pictures are amazing ... such a refreshing change of pace from the often-frenetic energy of educational storybook apps.”

    iPad Kids
  • “If your kids are nuts about space & science, you have to get ‘Space: A Brightpips Guide’. The universe size and dimensions widget absolutely blew my mind!”

    #fourlittletesters — App Reviewer and Tester
  • “This is a wonderful resource for children and adults alike. I love the interactive style — it’s easy and exciting to read!”

    Sam Wheatley — Teacher & Writer
  • “That’s awesome! This is so cool — you can tap on everything!”

    Jack, 11
  • “This is what would’ve happened if Carl Sagan had been given an iPad.”

    Richard Watson — Futurist, Author & Speaker

Packed with Detail

Over 100 popups filled with detailed information and images.

Covers the whole solar system, stars, space travel, and lots more.

20+ interactive widgets, galleries and videos to engage and inform.

300+ high-resolution images that delight and inspire.

Inspired Learning

Space: A Brightpips Guide will delight and amaze, as you soar through the Earth’s atmosphere, out into the solar system, and beyond. Watch plasma erupting from the Sun, get excited about ice on Mars, and learn about Saturn’s curious moons.

Be inspired. Go out and explore.

Space: A Brightpips Guide - Book Cover

Designed for age 8+. Loved by kids and adults alike.

Available now on iBooks.

About the Author

Matt Doyle is a science and technology writer who explains complex topics in an easy-to-grasp way. He loves creating interactive content that delights as it informs. Matt has written well-received textbooks for John Wiley & Sons, Inc. as well as hundreds of online articles.

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