The Weirdest Moons in the Solar System

The Weirdest Moons in the Solar System
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There are over 180 known moons in our Solar System, with more being discovered each year. Most of these moons are fairly ordinary lumps of rock, but some moons are very odd indeed!

Did you know that there’s a moon that looks like the Death Star from Star Wars? Or that one moon is stretched and squeezed by so much gravity that its surface moves up and down by 100 metres (over 300 feet)?

This new infographic reveals five of the strangest moons in the Solar System. Please feel free to share it, or use it for your blog, website or lesson plan! You’ll find embedding code after the infographic.

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The Weirdest Moons in the Solar System: Iapetus, Io, Hyperion, Mimas, Miranda

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Moon tweetables!

Here are some amazing moon facts you might like to tweet:

  • Jupiter’s moon Io has more volcanoes than any other planet or moon in the Solar System! » Tweet this «
  • Saturn has a moon that looks like the Death Star – and it was nearly blown apart. » Tweet this «
  • Uranus’s “Frankenstein moon” Miranda looks like bits of different moons stuck together! » Tweet this «
  • One of Saturn’s moons looks like a cross between a walnut and a tennis ball! » Tweet this «

Have fun learning about space!

I hope you enjoyed this infographic. Do you know of any other great space infographics? If so, please feel free to share them below. And don’t forget to check out my fact-packed space book for kids!

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