Does Your Kid Like Space? They’ll Love This New Book!

Kids' Space Book - Space: A Brightpips Guide
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When I was a kid, I loved reading information books packed with beautiful pictures and exciting words. I remember wondering what these books would be like in the future. Would the pictures be able to move? Would you be able to touch the page and make things happen in the book?

Now, thanks to mobile devices like the iPad, the future has arrived! So I decided to write a new kind of information book for kids — a book that takes advantage of the amazing new features in today’s devices.


Today I’m very excited to announce Space: A Brightpips Guide. It’s an interactive space book for iBooks that you can read on an iPad or Mac. It’s designed for children aged 8+, but grown-ups love it too!

The book explores pretty much everything that kids love about space, including:

  • The Sun and all the planets of the solar system
  • The Moon landings and Mars exploration
  • Stars, nebulae and galaxies
  • The origin and scale of the Universe
  • Space travel, satellites and living in space
  • …and lots more!

To find out more and get notified when the book launches, check out the book page and join the launch list.

Interactive features that kids love to explore

Every page of the book includes interactive features that children love playing with. Each topic is presented with a gorgeous full-screen illustration. Kids can tap an object that they’re interested in to display a popup containing informative text and eye-catching photos. The book also contains many engaging videos and high-resolution image galleries.

Kids' Space Book: Saturn

The book is packed with interactive illustrations like this page on Saturn. Tap objects in the page to read about them.

You’ll also find lots of full-screen interactive exhibits to explore and play with. You can drag a slider to learn the phases of the Moon, swipe to explore the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn, or drag a clock to see how the temperature changes on Mercury. The book even includes a nail-biting Moon-landing game!

Kids' space book: moon phases

Kids can drag the slider in this interactive exhibit to explore how the phases of the Moon work.

Don’t miss out!

Space: A Brightpips Guide is launching early next year for iPad and Mac. To get insider news and sneak previews — and get notified when the book launches — head over to the book page and join the launch list.

Happy exploring! 🙂

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