Scratch Lets Your Kid Learn Coding Online, for Free! Here’s How.

Scratch: Coding for Kids

You might have heard of Scratch. It’s a long-running online project that helps kids and teens learn how to code. Scratch is free, it runs in your browser, and it provides a fantastic introduction to the world of computer programming for kids

Kids’ Space Book Now Available!

Kids' Space Book - Space: A Brightpips Guide - Missions to Mars screenshot

After 18 months of hard work, I’m delighted to announce that my interactive space book for kids is now available on the iBooks Store: When I set out to write the book, I wanted to create an experience for kids

Kids’ Space Book: Teaser Trailer Now Available!

Kids' space book: Lunar lander game

Hello there, lovely reader. I’ve had tons of fun this week putting together a teaser trailer for my upcoming space book for kids! Check it out: I must admit that I’ve never made a video like this before, but it was

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The Weirdest Moons in the Solar System

The Weirdest Moons in the Solar System

There are over 180 known moons in our Solar System, with more being discovered each year. Most of these moons are fairly ordinary lumps of rock, but some moons are very odd indeed! Did you know that there’s a moon

Awesome Science YouTube Channels to Watch With Your Kids

Plasma globe

Kids love watching YouTube videos. However, if your kids are anything like mine, they spend most of their time watching Let’s Play videos of Minecraft and Lego Marvel Super Heroes! I have nothing against these types of videos (as long

Fire and Ice! Temperatures of the Solar System Planets

Temperatures of planets in the Solar System

Did you know that the temperature on Venus is hot enough to melt lead? Or that Neptune is almost cold enough to freeze nitrogen? There is a huge range of temperatures on the planets in our Solar System. The only

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Nature’s Child: Apps and Sites to Help Kids Explore the Natural World

Natural rainforest and waterfall

Kids aren’t getting out into nature as much as they used to. There are many reasons for this, from increased traffic and concerns about strangers through to the growing range of indoor activities that today’s digital media provides. This reduced exposure

Does Your Kid Like Space? They’ll Love This New Book!

Kids' Space Book - Space: A Brightpips Guide

When I was a kid, I loved reading information books packed with beautiful pictures and exciting words. I remember wondering what these books would be like in the future. Would the pictures be able to move? Would you be able

Learning with SimCity: Valuable Lessons Kids Can Learn Playing Mayor

SimCity screenshot

SimCity is a classic city-building simulation game that’s been around in various forms since 1989. It’s very engaging and great fun to play for kids and adults alike. I remember playing it for hours on end as a teen, and

Screen Time: It’s the Quality, Not the Quantity

Student with iPad

Screen time is a hot topic among parents these days. Many of us are understandably concerned about our kids overusing computers and devices, and the potential dangers involved in doing so. Furthermore, there has been a lot of discussion recently about the strict limits that