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Kerbal Space Program Teaches Kids about Spaceflight, Science and So Much More

Does your kid get excited about space exploration? My kids certainly do! There are, of course, lots of fascinating documentaries and movies about space. However, if your kid really wants to find out what it’s like to fly a rocket

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Maths Games for Kids that They Will Totally Love Playing

Mathematics is a core subject that is essential for kids to learn. A solid grounding in maths can help your child develop skills in everything from the sciences through to architecture, computer programming and even art. Therefore it’s not surprising that

The Best Reference Websites to Help Kids Learn and Study

Library bookshelf

Whether studying for school or just learning for fun, your child can get a lot of useful information from the web. But how can your kid use the web effectively as a reference tool? Searching Google or Wikipedia is all

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With the New ScratchJr App, Any Child Can Learn Coding on the iPad Today

ScratchJr screenshot

As computers and digital devices become commonplace, computer programming is becoming an increasingly useful skill for kids to learn. Many schools are now teaching coding skills as part of their curriculum, even with students as young as five or six.

Is Your Kid Safe on the iPad or iPhone? Here Are 18 Ways to Make Sure

Kid playing on iPad

iPads and iPhones: Where would we parents be without them? They help our kids with everything from reading and writing through to learning about dinosaurs and chemistry; they provide a way for them to chat with their friends; and, let’s face

Roaaar! 14 Fantastic Ways for Kids to Learn about Dinosaurs

Dinosaur scene

Most kids are fascinated by dinosaurs at some point in their lives. These mysterious creatures usually bring up a whole raft of questions from kids, such as “Why are dinosaurs not here any more?”, “What did they sound like?” and “Which

Here Are 15 Amazing Things Your Kid Can Discover with Google Earth

Earth with sun behind

Google Earth is a fantastic, free app that is both fun to use and an excellent learning tool. Want to give your kid a huge playground to explore? How about the whole Earth in beautiful 3D, as well as other

With ComputerCraft, Your Clever Minecrafter Can Learn to Code

ComputerCraft computer, miner and code in Minecraft

As well as being a fun, creative game for kids, Minecraft offers a huge range of learning opportunities to help your child expand their skills and knowledge. Even with just the basic version of Minecraft — known as vanilla — your kid

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Zero to Maestro: Your Kid’s Music Skills Will Blossom with these Amazing Tools

Piano Maestro screenshot

Most kids love listening to music, as well as making their own. Music can be good for your kid’s mood, concentration, stress levels and cognition, and creating music is a great way to exercise a growing mind. Learning an instrument

7 Apps and Websites to Help Your Kid Learn Almost Anything

Kid with laptop on beach

Much of the time here on Brightpips, we look at websites, apps and tools that can help your kid learn specific skills and topics, whether it’s programming, chemistry or drawing skills. However, there are many general learning resources out there that don’t