About Brightpips

Brightpips explores the many exciting ways that kids (and sometimes grown-ups!) can learn about science, technology and other topics. It focuses mainly on learning with digital media.

Today’s children are embracing the digital world like no generation before them. We passionately believe that this opens up fantastic opportunities for kids to learn about the world in fun, engaging ways.

From open-world sandbox games on PCs and consoles through to amazing, engaging apps and games on tablets — as well as a nearly infinite mine of information on the web — today’s kids have an almost overwhelming range of learning options available to them.

The Brightpips blog helps you, as a parent or educator, guide your children through this huge world of teaching potential. You’ll explore thrilling ways to help your kids learn about science, technology, history and other subjects.

On this blog you’ll discover:

  • Curated guides to high-quality, fun, educational apps, websites and ebooks for kids
  • Fun learning projects you can do with your kids
  • Mind-blowing science facts to wow your kids
  • How you and your kids can get the most out of popular games such as Minecraft and The Sims
  • Answers to common digital media questions parents ask, in areas such as internet safety and screen time

Brightpips was founded by Matt Doyle, a parent with a passion for science and technology. Matt has been working with computers for over 30 years and holds a BSc in Computer Science. He has written several games, built more than a hundred websites, and written technology books on Photoshop, PHP and jQuery Mobile. He currently lives in the NSW Southern Highlands near Sydney, Australia, with his wife and two young kids.


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